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For the 10th Foundation of Art Award, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation invited past participants to share their experiences as artists in Pierce County, the meaning their work holds for them, and their insights into the role of art in the community. Christopher Jordan, Lisa Kinoshita, Jeremy Mangan, Shaun Peterson, and Amy McBride spoke on-camera with Megan Sukys at GTCF’s downtown Tacoma office.
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September 2017

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Arts & Culture Infographic FINAL

Arts & Culture Infographic FINAL

Good and Necessary for All

Arts and culture improve skills and creativity and increase our knowledge about one another. The opportunity to experience another person’s culture and its characteristics, history, values, belief systems, and behaviors through art or heritage helps to bring us together and create mutual understanding. Our overall welfare benefits through individual expression and exploration.  Even our physical and psychological well-being improves after being immersed in arts and culture. Our satisfaction in life is enhanced when we take advantage of educational opportunities in arts and culture, which builds our creative skills.

Economic Impacts

Arts and culture attract visitors, residents, and business. This fuels local economies and attracts outside investments. ArtsFund recently performed a study of the central Puget Sound region regarding the economic impact of arts, culture, and scientific organizations. In Pierce County, local residents patronize the majority of arts activities. The quality of the county’s art offerings also attracts many outside visitors and patrons. In fact, as recently as 2014, 45% of patron spending in the Central Puget Sound region represented new money to the area. To help assess the ongoing progress and fiscal influence of our creative industries, Tacoma is a participant in the Arts & Economic Prosperity by Americans for the Arts Study, which measures the financial impact of the arts in our community every five years.

Social Capital & Community Cohesion

When communities invest in arts and culture they create venues and opportunities to draw people together who would otherwise not be engaged. Civic engagement activities encourage people to come together and often create a sense of community belonging. Frequently, arts events are a source of community pride that have the benefit of providing personal learning and growth opportunities.

Arts are more than just a gallery of works or performances. Organizations such as Spaceworks Tacoma and Arts EnviroChallenger integrate the arts in other social, economic, and environmental initiatives, which creates pathways for community participation.