Giving that Creates Meaningful Impact

Planned Giving

Generosity Across Generations

From simple bequests to complex estate plans to life income gifts, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation offers opportunities to make your mark by leaving a legacy. Many people choose to leave charitable assets or gifts to GTCF through their estates, and we offer significant expertise in planned gifts.

Our Planned Giving website offers information on gift options, as well as helpful tools like examples of Bequest Language:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath _________ and No/100 dollars ($DOLLARS) to Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 950 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA, 98402, Federal Tax ID #91-1007459, for Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s general use and purpose.

Donors who name GTCF in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Legacy Society.

If you or your advisor has questions about estate gifts, please call Evelyn Ryberg with our Philanthropic Services Group at 253.345.4172.


GTCF Legacy Society Members

Tony and Linda Anderson

Mary Jane Aram*

Lea Armstong

Elva Austin*

George and Dorothy Babare*

Baker Family*

Leola B. Baron*

William and Margaret Barton

John and Regina Becque

Karen Bellamy

Charles W. Bingham

Carolyn Blasdel

Margaret J. Bock*

Mrs. Ruth H. Bramhall*

Marydale Brooks*

James and Ann Brown

Allen Capps*

Rick and Francie Carr

Mark Cockerill and Marie Kennedy

T. Gary and Diane Connett

Mable Crate*

Doris B. Crow*

Ann and Peter Darling

Joseph H. Easterday*

Ruth Murphy Evans*

Loretta Faust*

June Fayette*

Harold R. and Jessie B. Flowers*

Dick and Mary Foege*

Laura Foltz*

James E. Frail*

Elaine M. Fredrickson*

Aurel A. Fries*

Fuchs-Harden Family*

William J. Gazecki*

Charles E. and Thelma T. Gilmur*

Barb Granger*

Betty J. Green*

Grogan Family

Thomas A. Hackstadt and Laura T. Hackstadt

Ryan Alan Hade*

William and Noel Hagens

Dr. C. Stevens and Cynthia E. Hammer

Mary W. Hammond

James and Enid Harris

Mike and Nancy Harris

Frances Heidner*

John and Carole Holmaas

Suzanne O’Neil Johnson

Kathleen Susan Keele

Kevin and Sherrana Kildun

Howard R. Kilworth*

June R. Kilworth*

William W. Kilworth*

J. Thomas Kuebler

John and Evelyn La Fond

Charles R. Lane*

Janice Y. Larson

Anthony S. and Bernice M. Lazar

Amy and David Lewis

George and Mary Long*

Mrs. Grace M. Lynch

Joe and Gloria Mayer

Jean McCord

Dr. Charles and Edith McGill*

David and Jeanne McGoldrick

Sue Barrett and Rick Meeder

Joann Merrill and Wally Croshaw

Grace M. and Bernard S. Miller*

Emma Alida Moir*

Claire K. Morris*

Edgar Morrison*

Richard D. Mosier*

Bob Myrick

Sue D. Nilsson*

Pan Family

Viola and Roger Paris*

Gayle Peach

James W. and Frances C. Petersen*

Oscar* and Virginia Peterson

Raymond and Bernice Phillips*

Vinod K. Rajpaul*

Dr. Jerry V. Ramsey and Elaine Perdue Ramsey

Redford Family

John and Jean Reine*

Pearl Rose*

Anna M. Rundquist*

Kyile Lee Schreiner*

Kit and Gary Severson

Lloyd Silver*

Belle S. Smith*

Cindy A. Smith

James and Myrna Sparks

Shelby Clayson & Elaine Stafford

Marjorie H. Stansfield*

Janie & Kirk Starr

David L. Strait*

Angelica Strunz*

Doris G. Stucke

Mary Helen and Erling Thompson*

Sheri and Jeffrey Tonn

Dr. Pamela J. Transue

Timothy and Barbara Tucci

Earl and June Veverka*

Bob and Emily Vincent

Heartie Griggs Wagner*

James L. Walton

Virginia Funkley Ward*

Agnes J. Waterhouse*

Fred O. and Anona Weber*

Whitney Family

Ann and James* Wiborg

Fred Wilkeson*

Donald R. and Mary E. Williams*

M. Wayne Williams

Anonymous (34)