Census 2020

Census data guides how more than $800 billion a year in federal funding is distributed, helping to create jobs, provide housing and build schools, roads and hospitals. An accurate count is critical to our county’s ability to access public and private resources and to ensure we have accurate representation.  

Historically, important communities including immigrants, people of color and young children have gone uncounted in the census. When individuals and communities are excluded, we all miss out on the wealth of perspectives and experiences that make our county strong.

GTCF and the Pierce County Auditors Office have partnered to organize the Everyone Counts Campaign, a collective of Pierce County organizations that recognize the importance of a complete and accurate census count for the well-being of our community – in 2020 and beyond. The campaign includes representatives from organizations including Bethel School District, the Center for Latino Leadership, Multicare, Puyallup Tribe, Puyallup Watershed Initiative, Tacoma Community House, the University of Washington – Tacoma and officials from city and county government. We are partnering with additional organizations and advocates to ensure all members of our community are appropriately represented in this effort and have a stake in getting an accurate count.

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Census Resources

Available Funding Resources

2020 Census Education & Outreach – Request for Proposal
Proposal Due Date: July 29, 2019 at 3:30 P.M. PDT

Resources for Organizations

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Resources for Individuals

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To learn more about the Everyone Counts Campaign email Janece Levien