General Operating Grants

Through the Strengthening Pierce County (SPC) grant program, GTCF provided 134 grants totaling $1,607,700 to 73 different organizations from 2015 to 2019The general operating funds helped smaller nonprofits make bold moves, build capacity, and grow in service to Pierce County. Now, GTCF is taking time to evaluate its competitive grant program to determine how resources can best serve the community moving forward. 

Designed to strengthen smaller Pierce County nonprofits, the SPC grant program provided general operating support funds. Our goal was to support organizations with clear mission and programmatic alignment, who learn from their constituents, participate in field building activities, assess their impact, and share Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s values. 

Discover lessons and insights from past Strengthening Pierce County grantees through GTCF’s Nonprofit Life videos and blog posts.

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Maureen Fife, Executive Director of Tacoma-Pierce County Habitat for Humanity

Jeff Klein, Executive Director, Sound Outreach 

Naomi Villano, Executive Director, New Phoebe House Association 

Seth Kirby, Executive Director, Oasis Youth Center

Theresa Power Drutis, Executive Director, New Connections

Rebecca Sadinsky, Executive Director, PCC Farmland Trust

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Strategic Risks: Tips for Taking a Chance on Growth from Nisqually Land Trust

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GTCF’s commitment is to provide the most efficient, equitable funding for the community. While 73 organizations received grants through SPC, 105 organizations had grant applications denied despite investing considerable staff time into excellent applications. 

At the same time, the need in Pierce County has continued to grow and change. GTCF funding will evolve to meet that need. Along with other Pierce County funders, we’re seeking ways for more funding to effectively ensure diverse resources to the community without the burden of a competitive process.  

We celebrate the nonprofit sector’s commitment to Pierce County. GTCF will continue to provide resources for individuals and organizations to work together for a stronger community, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the people who build a thriving future for everyone. 


Strengthening Pierce County Funding Summary  

  Total Requested   Total Awarded  Total Declined  % need met 
2015  $720,200  $355,200  $365,000  49% 
2016  $820,000  $350,000  $470,000  43% 
2017  $921,975  $400,000  $521,975  43% 
2018  $1,001,060  $452,500  $548,560  45% 
2019  $65,000  $50,000  $15,000  77% 
  $3,528,235  $1,607,700  $1,920,535  46%