White River Hometowns Fund Grants

Marydale Brooks, Founder – White River Hometowns Fund


The White River Hometowns Fund provides grant opportunities for organizations and projects that serve the White River community including Buckley, Carbonado, and Wilkeson.


White River Hometowns Fund was created by Marydale Brooks a longtime Buckley community resident. Marydale was a quiet philanthropist who worked closely with local community members to support special opportunities in the White River community.

“I get great joy and satisfaction in giving when community projects come together and everyone starts pitching in with their talents, resources, or pure grunt work to get the job done. It’s like a snowball effect. From what I’ve seen, giving to opportunities makes me feel a part of the community and that is a good feeling.”  – Marydale Brooks

Marydale passed away in 2018. This Fund was setup as an endowment for the White River community and will continue to support its residents for years to come.


How To Apply

  1. Create an account for GTCF Grants Portal (you will only need to do this once)
  2. Log in to GTCF Grants Portal and click Apply at the top
  3. Locate ‘White River Hometowns 2018’ and click Apply to the right
  4. Complete and submit application

For help with the application process, please see this illustrated guide

Applications are due by September 5, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)