Whole Child Partnership

Roosevelt Elementary School After-School Program

Through a multi-year grant from The Wallace Foundation, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation partnered with Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) to co-design Shift 2 of the Whole Child Initiative, a framework focused on meeting the needs of every child—academically, socially and emotionally. In collaboration with expanded learning communities, GTCF and TPS are developing a plan to provide aligned, equitable, high quality social, emotional and academic development to students in and out of school.

The Whole Child Partnership focuses on six pilot TPS elementary schools, with six other elementary schools serving as comparison sites for a research study. Participating schools and expanded learning opportunity partners will align and share information and data to support continuous improvement, learning from each other what works well and what practices need to be strengthened.

Students will learn how to manage emotions, achieve positive goals, show empathy, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Staff who interact with students—on the school bus, in hallways, in classrooms and expanded learning opportunities—will model and support the same social and emotional practices.

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