About Us

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF) helps people and organizations build a thriving community. Our job is to foster generosity across generations.

Addressing pressing challenges and promising opportunities throughout Pierce County requires resources, services, and support. GTCF facilitates positive change in three ways:

1 Making Connections

We seek out community input, we listen to people who want to build a better community, and we learn about the needs and opportunities in our community. For 35 years, GTCF has worked with people and organizations in Pierce County. That history gives us the unique ability to link community players and causes with the knowledge and resources that can help them make a difference.

2 Building Capacity

GTCF stays on top of research, innovation, and best practices for philanthropy and community change. Through learning communities, collaborations, and financial support, GTCF encourages practices that enables everyone who believes in a thriving community to generate maximum impact with their time, talent, and money.

3 Inspiring Philanthropy

Donors fuel community now and into the future by supporting positive social and economic change. With 35 years of experience supporting philanthropy in Pierce County, GTCF shares and promotes the enduring impact of generosity.


Greater Tacoma Community Foundation has earned its National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations accreditation from the Council on Foundations. This accreditation represents operational effectiveness to foster excellence in community philanthropy.

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