Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

If you believe in the power of philanthropy, you’re not alone.

Philanthropic tools offer multiple pathways to long-term community transformation, but it can be challenging to master all the technical aspects to make the most of those tools. That’s why GTCF launched a learning cohort for Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy.

Since 2015, Pierce County has gone from one single CAP® Advisor to now 50 CAP® Advisors. GTCF’s CAP® Alumni gather to share and support one another as they help drive a thriving future by leveraging all philanthropy has to offer.

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GTCF CAP® Opportunities

CAP® Certification

GTCF is excited to facilitate a professional certification opportunity for professional advisors in our area. The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® or CAP® is a 10-month program offered through The American College and provides seasoned professionals with the knowledge and tools to help clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for self, family and society.

This graduate-level program is focused on advancing philanthropy in local communities through a rigorous curriculum that focuses on positive social impact when determining client’s financial and estate planning goals. The CAP® program is part of GTCF’s overarching efforts to provide high-quality philanthropic advising services to donors and our partner professional advisors in the community.

To learn more about joining a GTCF CAP® cohort contact Philanthropic Services.

CAP® Knowledge Portal

Access valuable Professional Advisor tools to support your clients’ philanthropic goals by visiting the Professional Advisors Planned Giving Resource Site.

CAP® Alumni

Jordan BeckinghamRegina BellodyBradley BergerBleu BlaksleeSteve BurgessRobin Callahan
Stephanie Cline GeorgeBeverly CoxThomas DiechertJennifer DoehneStephanie Ellis-SmithGina Finley
Kimberly FisherKenneth FordKurt GraupenspergerJennie GriekStacey GuadnolaRobert Heck
Brooke JohnsonMaria KildallCarol KowalskiJennifer LeeEmily Mendez-BryantVictor Mitre
Rick OldenburgDoug PageA. Colby ParksBob PittmanFaaluaina PritchardMindie Reule
Paul RudnickEvelyn RybergStephen SaalfeldJeanne SacksRonna SchreinerNorma Schuiteman
Joshua Velasquez



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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there prerequisites for the CAP® program?

      Candidates must be engaged in the following professional activities three of the five years immediately preceding the application: 
      Advising individuals or charitable organizations in wealth and estate planning, financial planning, charitable planning, charitable giving, or planned giving,
      nonprofit or foundation management or services,
      investment management of charitable assets or accounting;
      or employed in the nonprofit sector in a capacity related to nonprofit management, development, planned giving or fundraising
    • Can I take the CAP® program on my own or do I need to participate in a cohort?  

      You can take the CAP program as a self-study program and you can take it completely on your own. However, most prefer to participate in a cohort to enhance the learning experience, gain best-practices, and build their network of like-minded advisors.
    • Is there a cost for the CAP® program? 

      Yes. The tuition for the program can be found on the American College website.  There is special nonprofit pricing.  Scholarships are available for nonprofit professionals and advisors of color.  Visit the American College website for details.
    • What are some of the key learning outcomes from this program?

      Key learning outcomes include:

      • Applying the best tax strategies, tools, and techniques for charitable giving 
      • Understanding client or donor goals for self, family, and/or society 
      • Advising wealthy families on important financial matters, including business exit planning, estate planning, and legacy planning 
      • Handling gift -planning for nonprofits and high-capacity donors
    • How do I sign up for a GTCF Cohort?  

      To learn more about the program and joining a GTCF CAP® cohort, please contact Philanthropic Services.