We’re all working together for a thriving Pierce County.

Pierce County is a collage of many communities. We each have our own contributions to make.

GTCF supports a thriving Pierce County by partnering across many different communities, supporting aligned actions, leveraging resources to achieve diversity, access and inclusion, and learning from people with lived experience about the strategies and tactics that remove systemic barriers rooted in historic and ongoing racism.

Community Stories

Through partnership, aligned action, and lived experience, people in Pierce County have discovered lessons and successful strategies to build a thriving Pierce County. When people share the wisdom of those experiences, the whole community benefits.

Community Calendar

GTCF knows that great things happen when people gather together. Our Community Calendar is the place to share and discover opportunities for people to connect in Pierce County. Local tribes, government, organizations, associations, coalitions, and collaborative networks are welcome to add events to the calendar.

Social Media Community

GTCF uses social media to share community efforts, news, and stories that inspire generosity and build a thriving Pierce County.  Learn more about our guidelines for sharing stories and comments on our social platforms.