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When did you start working with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF)?

February 2023

Briefly describe what you do in your role with GTCF

I have been a member of the Finance Committee since 2023 and am honored to join the Board of Directors in 2024.

What is the most exciting part of your role with GTCF?

Being part of an organization that facilitates positive change in the community. I hope I have the opportunity to contribute to the impact that GTCF has to improve the lives of Pierce County residents.

What other jobs or positions have you held?

Community service roles: Tacoma Sunrise Rotary member for 30 years, Metro Parks and Tacoma Community College Advisory Council member, Palmer Scholar mentor, various. Work roles: CFO for YMCA, Metro Parks and Pierce Transit.

Outside of GTCF, what enjoyable activity do you engage in? What brings you joy?

My wife, Melanie and I, enjoy spending time on outdoor pursuits such as hiking, running, bicycling and cross-country skiing.

What activity, place, or event do you recommend other people check out in Pierce County?

Anything outdoors

What is the most inspiring book that you have read and why?

I don't really have one specific favorite book, but I read quite a bit and enjoy historical fiction and nonfiction history books as well.