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When did you start working with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF)?


Briefly describe what you do in your role with GTCF

I chair the Investment Committee overseeing management of the GTCF endowment and other pools of investment capital. I am also a member of the Board Alumni Committee.

What is the most exciting part of your role with GTCF?

Seeing the outflow of money from GTCF to organizations doing the work to improve our community.

What other jobs or positions have you held?

GTCF Board Member, Vibrant Community Grants Committee Member, Board Alumni Committee Member

Outside of GTCF, what enjoyable activity do you engage in? What brings you joy?

I've been involved in baseball one way or another most of my life. For the past 15 years, I have been an official scorer for the Tacoma Rainiers.

What activity, place, or event do you recommend other people check out in Pierce County?

The trails at Point Defiance and the beach at Chambers Bay.

What is the most inspiring book that you have read and why?

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. The amount of difference one inspired person can make is incredible, as evidenced by Paul Farmer's work to cure infectious diseases around the world.