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When did you start working with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF)?

I started serving as a Board Member in 2019.

Briefly describe what you do in your role with GTCF

Provide governance and oversight for the Foundation, act as an ambassador to the community and help ensure GTCF has the vision, resources and leadership necessary to do its work. I also serve as Chair of the Ambassador Committee.

What is the most exciting part of your role with GTCF?

Making connections with various community partners to the Foundation.

What other jobs or positions have you held?

Tacoma City Councilmember, Pierce Conservation District Executive Director

Outside of GTCF, what enjoyable activity do you engage in? What brings you joy?

Hiking, playing with dogs, cooking, live music, great food and time with friends and family bring me joy.

What activity, place, or event do you recommend other people check out in Pierce County?

I recommend folks experience the many diverse events and programs produced during the LGBT+ Pride Festival in Tacoma.

What is the most inspiring book that you have read and why?

I am currently reading Barack Obama's A Promised Land and it is inspiring me with reminders of what happens when we lift everyone up and work toward the common good.