Building Momentum for A Racially Equitable Thriving Pierce County

In early 2021 Greater Tacoma Community Foundation began design of a long-term strategy to guide its work with an explicit commitment to racial equity. To support the emerging strategy and convey GTCF’s commitment in a visible way that applies to all aspects of GTCF’s work, GTCF engaged the Tacoma creative firm Rotator to develop this logo.  

The circle shape of the GTCF logo represents community. People often use the words ‘circle’ and ‘community’ interchangeably. The small gold circle on the leading edge signifies a start point, but not necessarily an end point. We envision that gold circle revolving, gaining momentum, and creating energy along its path, reminding us that the work is never done in building a thriving Pierce County.

Alongside this refreshed logo, GTCF will continue to evolve and grow in supporting a thriving Pierce County through philanthropic services and investments as a catalyst and connector, an amplifier and facilitator, and a hub for knowledge.