GTCF Stands With The Black community

GTCF stands with the Black community. Racism is not okay. 

GTCF is committed as an organization to do the work both internally and externally to work together with community partners and funders to end the injustice in our systems and dismantle the institutional racism that disproportionately impacts the Black community and all people of color. 

In the days and weeks ahead, this is GTCF’s action plan: 

  • GTCF will hold open dialogues within our organization and create action steps for change within our own programs. 
  • GTCF will consult with Black leaders and other leaders of color on the ground in our community.  
  • GTCF will align funders and funding to support and sustain racial justice work in our community.  
  • GTCF will build on our existing networks including census, Youth Philanthropy Board, and Whole Child partners to amplify voices that may not be heard.  
  • GTCF will work in partnership with community to support and sustain advocacy and action.  
  • GTCF will call on our White partners to take action as advocates and allies. 

Almost all of the GTCF staff, photographed in February 2020