Thank You to Our 35th Anniversary Celebration Sponsors & Guests

Thank you to all of our sponsors and guests who were able to attend our 35th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, September 9th! We had a fabulous time sharing such a special evening with you. It was an honor to be able to highlight the incredible work of our nonprofit partners and generous and compassionate donors who make Pierce County an amazing place to live.

It was so fun to watch our guests participate in our Funders Market and to see many folks reminiscing the past and celebrating the possibilities for our future. As Peter Buffett shared, we cannot change the future if we don’t understand our past, and we won’t find success unless we follow our passions.

We are excited to share that as a result of our Funders Market and your support, we will have approximately $30,000 available for our special Neighborhood & Coalition grants that are designed to assist groups trying to preserve and/or improve the quality of life in Pierce County.

Going forward, our goal is to continue to offer opportunities for you to fund your passions to create meaningful social and economic change in Pierce County. In the meantime, be sure to check out the photo gallery below, which highlights all the festivities from our 35th Anniversary Celebration!

GTCF 35th Anniversary Celebration