It Takes A Community

To Build A Community For All Ages

The Mustard Seed Project on Key Peninsula, like most nonprofit businesses, achieves its mission through a mix of vision, funding, and broad community support. As the organization has grown its impact and revenue, connections with diverse funders and philanthropic tools, like an Agency Fund at GTCF, help further secure its long-term stability.

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Flexible Funding Makes the Magic Happen Sooner

GTCF is partnering with Elevate Health on a Bridge Loan pilot aimed at supporting the timely completion of nonprofit capital projects that make a major impact on Pierce County.

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Housing Equity Starts With Those Most Lacking Equity

According to Civic Common’s Pierce County Scorecard, while overall homeownership has increased slightly for the region, there was a sharp decline in homeownership rates across all races besides white people in 2020.

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Youth Leaders Central To Ending Youth & Young Adult Homelessness

Find out how the Pierce County Youth Action Board, a group of teens and young adults with current or lived experience with homelessness, are playing a critical role in consulting on services, supports, and funding opportunities to help reach "Functional Zero" in Pierce County.

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