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Transform the Future

$482 Billion To Transfer Generations

Read GTCF's Transfer of Wealth Report to learn more about the community impact potential of the intergenerational transfer of wealth taking place in Pierce County over the next 10-50 years.

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Toward Transformation

Find out how an equity and social justice focus by area philanthropy professionals has changed the way they talk about and conduct their work, and how they need donors to come along.

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Complex Gifts Can Simply Transform Communities

The late Marydale Brooks believed the “important stuff” happened “when everyone starts pitching in with their talents, resources, or pure grunt work to get the job done.” A longtime Buckley resident, she was unassuming in her demeanor, community-minded, and collaborative in her giving.

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Processing Complex Gifts Made Simple with GTCF

Complex gifts are a creative way to make large contributions with benefits for donors, nonprofits, and the community. Because non-cash or illiquid assets are involved, they take careful planning to execute. GTCF has the expertise to transform these assets into philanthropic gifts.

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