We’re all working together for a thriving Pierce County

Pierce County is a collage of many communities. We each have our own contributions to make.  Advisors offer their resources, expertise, and partnership to support a thriving community through philanthropy.

People who care partner with GTCF to discover opportunities to make a difference, insights into strategies that support positive transformation, tools that fuel impact, and a community of other people who believe that we’re stronger when we work together.

Contact GTCF to learn more about opportunities to partner as Fund Advisor, Professional Advisor, Legacy Society Member, and through Funding and Learning Opportunities.

GTCF Fund Advisors

“GTCF has a great reputation with phenomenal leadership. They’re helping make connections to shape and form my vision. I want to collaborate in sharing my passion for these youth.”

-Xavier Cooper, GTCF Fund Advisor

GTCF Legacy Society

“It really hit me that what you can give really does help people.”

-Shelby Clayson, Legacy Society Member

Professional Advisors

“I want everyone who is doing life and estate planning with a philanthropic focus to know what a great resource GTCF is. I am out here planting seeds, saying to folks who have an interest, “just go and see what they are doing, and you will be amazed.”

-Bev Cox, Certified Financial Planner

Chartered Advisors In Philanthropy®

Since 2015, Pierce County has gone from one single CAP® Advisor to now 50 CAP® Advisors. GTCF’s CAP® Alumni gather to share and support one another as they help drive a thriving future by leveraging all philanthropy has to offer.