New Youth Philanthropy Board Members Excited To Work On Community Issues Together

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18 Pierce County youth leaders joined Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s 2019-20 Youth Philanthropy Board (YPB) cohort on October 23, 2019. Representing six local high schools and three colleges, a common theme for all members is a dedication to giving back to the community that gave them opportunities to succeed.  

“When you have a community that does so much in favor of you, you can’t help but want to get involved.”

GTCF Program Officer Janece Levien says the curriculum, structure, and activities for this year’s YPB cohort was largely shaped by input from last year’s members, “We had several listening sessions with them over the summer and they provided great feedback about what they wanted to learn and how the sessions should be structured.” 

Over the course of the ten-month program, YPB cohort members will bring their lived experiences and skills to bi-monthly meetings. After time spent building skills around group collaboration, advocacy, and inquiry, the group will select a single community issue they want to explore and address. Together, they will then research systems and structures connected to that issue as well as organizations working to address it. Finally, the YPB cohort will facilitate a series of community dialogues with nonprofit organizations, local government, and other stakeholders to collaborate on ways to incorporate youth voice and participation in developing solutions.

“I am excited about joining the Youth Philanthropy Board because I love to give back to the community. When you have a community that does so much in favor of you, you can’t help but want to get involved.” – Charles J., YPB Member.

“GTCF is thrilled to support and learn alongside this year’s YPB cohort. We look forward to sharing more stories about the shared knowledge and connections YPB members create throughout the coming year.” – Seth Kirby, GTCF Vice President, Community Impact

New YPB Members

Naomi A.

Richard A.

Michelle C.

Sarah E.

Maeve G.

Charles J.

Kathi N.

Stacey N.

Jaida N.

Leah T.

Returning Members from 2018-19 Cohort

Musa A.

Lucy G.

Brooklyn H.

Dylan T.

Rita T.

Zayda W.

For questions about YPB contact Janece Levien, GTCF Program Officer.