Putting Love and Compassion at the Forefront of Learning

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Love & Compassion Workshop PhotoLast Friday, in partnership with Pierce County SAFE Alliance, Oasis Youth Center, and Rainbow Center, we held a special training for our partner nonprofits that provided participants the legal and social context needed to be inclusive and welcoming to transgender people. This interactive workshop offered rich content as well as opportunities to ask questions. It was a learning experience that deepened our knowledge, compassion and commitment to ensuring ALL people are welcome and safe in our community.

In light of the recent tragedies, now more than ever, this is the time to learn more about the LGBTQ community. We at GTCF stand with the world in mourning the tragic loss of life in Orlando. While our hearts are filled with sorrow as we grieve with the victims, survivors and families in Orlando, we also recognize if we want to be a positive force in creating meaningful change in the world we must provide opportunities for community to gather and build a culture of open-minded and open-hearted love for humankind.

Shame, violence and discrimination are not acceptable behaviors in any community. Vulnerability, courage and worthiness are the internal traits that will lead us to a more robust, healthy and vibrant way of life. True joy is discovered in peace, partnerships and participation in the creation of something beautiful that will survive and contribute to a better quality of life for generations to come.

Let’s all find joy and celebrate the vast, expansive, infinite and indestructible power of love; it’s ultimately what will help us heal and propel us forward in positive ways.

Kathi Littmann, President & CEO
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation