Young Leaders Bring Diverse Experiences and Vision to GTCF’s Youth Philanthropy Board

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Sometimes it can take a while for a new group to feel comfortable working together.  One thing GTCF Program Director Janece Levien appreciates about the new members of this year’s Youth Philanthropy Board (YPB) is their willingness to embrace discomfort in an effort to cultivate positive change.

“After a conversation at our last meeting around identity and place in community, one member said that she was uncomfortable, but that it was a good uncomfortable,” Levien recalls. “With this type of mindset, I know these youth have potential to strengthen identity, voice, and a true sense of equity for communities in Pierce County.”

The 15 new members of this year’s Youth Philanthropy Board are a diverse group of emergent leaders from schools and service learning programs across Pierce County. Ranging in age from 15-24, they bring a spectrum of skills and experiences as well as a shared dedication to giving back to the community that gave them opportunities to succeed.  

“I have experienced many hardships being a low income woman of color from Tacoma, so I know the needs of people from Tacoma first hand. That is why I have developed a deep care in furthering opportunities for others to be successful despite what barriers they may be facing. I am a young activist and believe in utilizing my voice to support others.” – Zayda, age 18 


“Youth can play a substantial role in making our community better. Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow and as we find ways to be part of the community and are given the resources to explore our passions and interests, we can grow as a group and create new communities, thereby strengthening the whole.” – Rachel, age 17


“I aim to educate, empower, and engage youth in my community so that they realize the power and potential they have within themselves to become masters of their own future in the City of Destiny.” – Dylan


Over the course of the next nine months, these YPB members will have the opportunity to participate in workshops focused on professional development to promote and elevate youth voice in Pierce County.  In addition, they will play a role in providing resources to local youth-serving organizations.  

“The goal of YPB is to bring youth voice into community decisions”, says Levien.  “When youth are given an opportunity to discuss topics that directly impact their daily lives, there is an investment in critical thinking and essential life skills that go beyond the work of this cohort to impact our community in a positive way.”

2018-19 GTCF Youth Philanthropy Board Members

Annalycia Matthews, University of Washington – Tacoma

Audrey Medisch, Wilson High School – Running Start

Brooklyn Hose, Curtis High School

Cristobal Luevanos-Perez, Mt. Tahoma High School

Dylan Tran, University of Washington

Emily Schell, AmeriCorps – Tacoma Rescue Mission

Harold Liufau, University of Puget Sound

Lucy Gould, Stadium High School

Musa Abdirahman, University of Puget Sound

Ngocbich Tran, Science & Math Institute

Noe Rosales, Mt. Tacoma High School

Rachel Nunes, Curtis High School

Rita Tumbusch, Science & Math Institute

Tori Brockman, Curtis High School

Zayda Wilson, AmeriCorps – Peace Community Center