Youth Philanthropy Board

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation established a Youth Philanthropy Board in 2011 to bring the important perspective of young people, ages 15-24, into philanthropy. 

The first Youth Philanthropy Board cohort in 2011

Youth Philanthropy Board (YPB) emerged as a product of GTCF’s Be the Spark movement.  Bolstered by a 2011 inspirational event that featured Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Be The Spark energized young people to recognize their potential to take action and lead, with support from the community. Following the event, GTCF’s Board of Directors approved $75,000 for the YPB to distribute annually to youth programs throughout Pierce County.

“It is rare that a group of young people can make a decision that directly impacts them, let a lone make a decision that will improve the lives of other youth in their community.” – Rita Tumbusch, YPB Member (2019-20)

Each cohort of YPB members was equipped with tools and skills to become philanthropic and community leaders. YPB members also recommended funding for quality, out-of-school-time programs that provided youth opportunities to learn, engage, and lead.  Through the years, over 100 young people served as YPB members and together made recommendations for $617,500 in grant funding to local youth-serving organizations. 

Final Youth Philanthropy Board cohort  in 2020

“Young people see issues that adults may be blinded too. It’s important to listen and respect the voices of young people and follow up with consistent action.” – Tori Brockman, YPB Member (2019-20)

In 2018, the Youth Philanthropy Board shifted to enhance the opportunities for youth voice to discuss issues that mattered to young people in their communities, such as the school-to-prison pipeline and youth homelessness.  Through curriculum designed by the YPB cohort members, Reciprocity Consulting Inc., and GTCF Senior Program Officer Janece Levien, the sessions and dialogues cultivated relationships with youth-serving organizations bringing new understandings for learning and action through youth voice, as well as unrestricted grant funding.  

“There is an open atmosphere for thought and collaboration. It was a great experience meeting so many different young people from different backgrounds and stories who share the same vision and purpose.” – Harold Liufau, YPB Member (2019-20)



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